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Sand, Gravel and Aggregate Supplier of Southwest Saskatchewan We Offer the Highest Quality of Aggregate Materials in the Area!

Brightsand Gravel & Aggregate Ltd. is committed to the capital investment of our own crushing equipment, rather than hiring contract crushers. We made this decision to enable Brightsand Gravel & Aggregate Ltd. to provide immediate response to client’s aggregate requirements. With our own equipment, we can produce material with short notice to supply the exact aggregate product requested.

Further to our crushing equipment purchase, our initial investment included a certified onsite weigh scale to provide exact weights of material purchased. All loads are scaled out with a scale ticket provided. The scale is sized to accommodate loaded B-Trains enabling all configurations of transport to be accurately weighed.

Brightsand Gravel & Aggregate Ltd. also has set up an onsite lab and testing facility to ensure proper Quality Control and Quality Assurance. The produced aggregate products are tested to confirm they meet the specifications requested. Brightsand Gravel & Aggregate Ltd.’s management is committed to provide our clients with a superior product backed by guaranteed quality assurance.

Our business is set up to provide exceptional service and a very high quality product to the Southwest Saskatchewan market for years to come. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today!

Our Pit is located just northwest of Cadillac, SK!

Pit Location
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